Centuries ago, Allara was the homeland of the Alissani. Crimson skinned, at least a head taller than any other known race, and growing no hair of any kind on their body, they ruled a peaceful, but mighty, kingdom in the frozen southlands. They kept themselves isolated; their business their own, their powerful magical practices a deep mystery, and let few outsiders cross their boarders.

Then the demon lord Nazisrezsen arose, slowly but surely conquering the northern lands with his army of Knolls, murdering every living thing that crossed his path. The Alissani allowed those fleeing to seek refuge in their land on the condition they would always remain its rulers. Those who accepted the offer were many and varied, journeying from across the vast continent to dwell in the icy south. They settled there, and lived under Alissani rule in harmony for many years, learning their ways, and even marrying and interbreeding among them.

What caused the plague is lost to history, if it was ever known, but it struck only the Alissani, and it struck quickly and suddenly. Within a decade, there were no full-blooded Alissani left in Allara, though it is not known if all died, or if some managed to flee to safety.

Even hundreds of years later, though, the people of Allara honor their ancestors’ agreement as best as they can. People with red skin are respected as nobles, and a line of crimson-skinned royals still rules the land. Over the centuries, the Knoll raiders have slowed, though never halted, their advance. Though seen occasionally quite close to Allara’s northern boarder, they’ve never made a serious advance on the kingdom.

Allara’s current queen, Lillinia Nallsir, is young, and known mainly for her reputed aloofness, ruling through her advisers and representatives, and appearing publicly only on holidays in her home city, Lorastin, and on the traditional journey to the kingdom’s other major cities in the brief spring months each year, when the ice breaks on the River Tullain, and the kingdom’s flocks of parrots leave the shelter of the cities to forage in the countryside.


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