Cities of Allara


Circin is a mountain town, its people rustic and tough. The town itself is secure enough, but the surrounding mountains are wild, and serve as a shelter for many dangerous beasts, as well as goblins, orcs, and other monstrous humanoids, and Circin’s guards, merchants, and foragers keep themselves well-armed and wary.


Allara has no official Capital city, but its north-most port, Lorastin, functions as one in all but name. The city is ruled directly by Queen Lillinia and her advisers, though the Queen herself appears publicly only on the occasional holiday. Some years, in the warmer months, Loristan is visited by merchant ships from distant lands across the sea, bearing spices and goods that would be completely unavailable otherwise.


The military units that patrol Allara’s borders are based in Hulm, and the Elk-pulled sleds that carry trade goods up the frozen Tullain are built and stored there. The city hums with an industrious order during the day, and resounds with the revelry of off-duty soldiers and laborers most nights.


Much of what farming can be done in Allara is based in the fields around Tullisk. The city’s citizens have a, perhaps unjust, reputation around the kingdom as simpletons, good for little besides farming, canning and preserving food, and crafting furniture and fine arts during the coldest months of the year. The quality of the food they provide is unquestionable, though, and their craftwork is prized throughout the kingdom.


Kaldar boasts the highest concentration of mages in Allara, and even most spellcasters who live elsewhere were trained and apprenticed there. The city sees itself as a philosophers’ paradise, boasting several large schools and libraries, both magical and mundane. Technical and theoretical arguments can be heard in public spaces at all hours of the day. Wizards and scholars seeking more isolation will often build themselves towers or estates in the mountains above the town.


Maslintar is a proudly independent city. One of the largest cities in Alara, and difficult to reach by land, citizens of Maslintar often consider themselves loyal to their city first, and Kingdom second, if at all.

Ruins of Sulmis Kel

A prosperous Allisani city in its day, Sulmis kel was abandoned in the plague years. None but a few adventurous seekers of lost wealth go there now, and many fewer return. Little is known of what state the place is in.

The Hole

To the north and east of Circin is a ravine with a large network of caves underneath it where Orcs, Goblins, Bugbears, Trolls, and the like, along with the occasional Allaran exile or bandit, lair and shelter from the cold. The Hole functions as a sort of an unsavory city, though its alliances are tense, and what order and civilization can be found there is merely a product of necessity.

Cities of Allara

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